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Dec 2019

December 24, 2019

December 25, 2019

Christianity Today Continues Polemic With Pro-Regime Evangelicals; After Last Week’s Editorial Call To Remove Trump, Magazine’s President Condemns His “Extravagant” Immorality, Greed, Corruption, Divisiveness, Race-Baiting, And “Cruelty And Hostility To Immigrants And Refugees”; Reports Christian Witness Damaged, With Missionaries Overseas Finding Name Of Christianity Made Toxic By Linkage With Tenant Of Oval;

Republican Extremists And Trump Fanatics Are Radically Wrong: Separation Of Church And State Is Essence of Western Civilization, Mandated By Pope Gelasius I In His Celebrated “Duo Sunt” During 490s AD Conflict With Byzantium; Dante Alighieri’s Struggle (c. 1300-1320 AD) Against The Domination Over The Papacy Of Boniface VIII By The Brutal Power Of King Philip IV (“The Fair”) Of France; U.S. Today Far From Theocracy, But In Grave Danger Of Caesaropapism, The Complete Subordination Of Priests And Ministers As Servants To The Secular Ruler; New Vocabulary Of Politics Under Trump: Apostasy, Idolatry. Heresy, Blasphemy, Simony; 

Roots Of Christmas Customs In Yule And Roman Saturnalia; Christmas As Holiday Classically Devoted To Charity, As Seen In Tradition Of King Wenceslaus Of Bohemia (911-935 AD) And In Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” (1843)

Holiday Wishes To Friends, Supporters And All Persons Of Good Will Worldwide!