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Dec 2019

December 23, 2019

December 24, 2019

Emails Show Mulvaney’s Underling Duffy Of OMB Told Pentagon To Secretly Freeze Aid To Ukraine 90 Minutes After Infamous July 25 Trump-Zelensky Phone Call; Senate Trial Must Hear Sworn Testimony From Both; 71% Of Voters Want Senate Trial With Witnesses, Including 64% Of Republicans; Witnesses Remain Key To Inducing Trump Resignation; Moscow Mitch Is One-Man Insurrection Against Constitution!

Whining Pundits Parrot Trump’s Line That This Does Not Feel Like Real Impeachment; Scaramucci On CNN Sees Trump In Unsuccessful Attempt To Go Over Niagara Falls In Barrel; DoJ Tries To Quash McGahn Subpoena With Argument That Don Has Already Been Impeached, But House Counsel Warns That More Articles And Charges May Be Forthcoming!

Just In Time For Christmas, Trump Gang Set To Intensify Forced Labor And Strip Food Stamps From 700,000, Even As Child Hunger Grows; California Homeless Have Doubled In Past Year;

Breaking: North Korea Set To Launch New ICBM Within Days, Completing Failure Of Trump’s Appeasement And Betrayal Of South Korea And Japan!