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Dec 2019

December 21, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

December 21, 2019

As Congress Leaves Town Until January 7, Pelosi Delays Sending Of Articles Of Impeachment To Senate, Cleverly Playing On Divergences Between Trump And McConnell; Goal Is To Get 4-5 GOP Senators To Vote For Witnesses In Trial Of Trump; Testimony Of Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, And Mulvaney Could Trigger Trump’s Resignation; Schumer Optimistic; Vote Count Is Secondary To Inducing Trump To Step Down, Possibly In Plea Deal; Time To Convince Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Alexander, Gardner, Tillis, McSally Of Need For Full Senate Trial!

Oval Office Is Mental Annex Of Kremlin As Don Parrots Putin’s Slogans Against Ukraine; Ouster Of Mulvaney Imminent As Vendetta Proceeds; Christianity Today Demands Removal Of “Immoral” Trump, Marking First Big Split In Pro-Trump Evangelical Lockstep; Democratic Debaters Dodge Lessons Of UK And France; Finis Angliae As Rubber-Stamp Commons Approve BoJo’s Brexit, 358-234; Blonde Beast Still Wants No-Deal;

Best Wishes For Chanukah And Christmas To Friends And Listeners Of World Crisis Radio!