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Dec 2019

December 19, 2019

December 20, 2019

By Impeaching Trump, U.S. Has Demonstrated Moral Prerequisites To Survive As Free Nation; He Must Now Be Removed In Disgrace And Barred From Holding Future Federal Office!

The Scaramucci Scenario As Told To BBC: Peel Off 4-5 GOP Senators And Get Them To Vote With Dems For Trial With A Few Principal Witnesses; Once These Are Under Oath And In The Spotlight, Guilt-Conscious Trump Will Resign In Panic And Board The Helicopter For Parts Unknown; No Need To Win Over 20 Corrupt Republicans;

His Master’s Voice: Impudently Meddling In U.S. Internal Politics, Putin Spouts White House Talking Points That Impeachment Is Fabricated By Democrats Not Happy With 2016 Outcome And Destined To Fail; Scaramucci Greets Russian Dictator As His Successor In Post Of White House Comms Director!

Boeing Stops Production Of 737, Hurting Entire U.S. Economy; These Are The Results Of Trump’s Deregulation Hysteria!; BoJo Still Scheming To Force Catastrophic No Deal Brexit In 2020 If Trade Deal With EU Is Not Forthcoming; Dem Debate Will Show If Candidates Have Learned The Lesson Of Labor Party Catastrophe Under Dogmatic Ultra-Left Corbyn; No Time For Doctrinal Purity When Realism And Skill Are Demanded: The Example Of Lincoln; Time For Warren To Cut Loose From Bernie!