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Dec 2019

December 18, 2019

December 19, 2019

Trump Impeached -- Twice!

In Landmark Victory For U.S. Constitution And Cause Of Freedom Worldwide, House Impeaches Tyrant Trump For Article I Abuse Of Power,230-197, With Van Drew And Peterson Defecting And Tulsi Gabbard Voting Present; Article II Obstruction Of Congress Approved By 229-198, Despite Defections Of Van Drew, Peterson, And Jared Golden, With Tulsi Again Voting Present; Republican Efforts To Recruit Dem Renegades Largely Fail; Hoyer Thanks Former GOPer Amash For Making Impeachment Bipartisan In Substance; GOP Party Of Treason Unmasks, Spouting KGB Propaganda On Floor Of House; GOP Fanatics Compare Trump To Socrates And Christ; 

Ambassador Taylor Ousted By Pompeo In Revenge For His Testimony; U.S. Blocks UN Probe Of North Korean Human Rights Crimes; Russian Bot Network Joined In Giuliani’s Vilification Campaign Against Ambassador Yovanovich; Giuliani’s Pal Parnas Got Money From Ukraine Oligarch; Disoriented News Media Dish Up Pro-Oligarchical Delirium!