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Dec 2019

December 17, 2019

December 18, 2019

Impeachment Eve: U.S. Stands At Great Historical Watershed, With Growing Hope Of Ending Long National Nightmare Of Trump; Anti-Trump Demonstrations In Hundreds Of Cities; Don’t Count America Out!

After Long Day Of Hearings, House Rules Committee Set To Forward Articles To Full House For Vote Late Tomorrow; Moscow Mitch Making Senate Into Rubber Stamp For Would-Be Dictator; Trump’s Six-Page Letter Of Self-Pity And Dark Fantasies Sent To Pelosi Gives Rise To New Concerns About Mental Instability; Many Moderate Democrats Declare Intent To Vote For At Least One Article Of impeachment;

Recalling Paul A. Volcker, Who Helped Destroy The Bretton Woods System. The Most Successful Monetary Mechanism In World History; And Felix Rohatyn, The Boss Of The Municipal Assistance Corporation (Big MAC) Which Put Bankrupt New York City Under Financier Dictatorship In 1975; Fed Continues Massive Liquidity Infusions To Prop Up Hedge Fund Hyenas Via Repo Market;

Breaking: Rick Gates, Manafort’s Sidekick In Trump Campaign Who Provided Evidence To Mueller, Gets 45 Days Plus Three Years Of Probation; Judge Stresses Undeniable Reality Of Russian Collusion