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Dec 2019

December 16, 2019

December 17, 2019

Moscow Mitch Planning To Railroad Acquittal In Trump’s Senate Trial, But May Lose Vulnerable Members; More Horrors Of GOP Gaslighting; Through The Roof: Fox News Concedes 50% Majority Of Voters Want Trump Impeached, Convicted, And Removed!

Crisis On Wall Street: Federal Reserve Set To Inject Record $500 Billion Into Repo Market Over Next Four Weeks; Bank For International Settlements (BIS) Sees Top Four U.S. Banks Focused Exclusively On Dealing With Multi-Trillion-Dollar Treasury Borrowing Requirement, The Direct Result Of Trump’s GOP Tax Scam Of Two Years Ago; Monster Deficits Now Absorb Most Bank Resources; Deprived Of Usual Financing, Cash-Strapped Hedge Funds May Be Forced To Dump Assets, Ending Trump Bubble; Smaller Banks Turn To Risky Foreign Exchange Derivatives For Cash; $32o Billion Already Injected Since First Tremors On Sept. 16; Thank GOP For #Repocalypse Now!

Breaking: Schumer Demands Bolton and Mulvaney Testify In Senate Trial; 650-Page Democratic Report Concludes Trump Is Guilty Of Multiple Federal Crimes, Starting With Campaign Finance Violations Seeking To Corrupt 2020 Vote!