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Dec 2019

December 14, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

December 14, 2019

House Judiciary Approves Two Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump; He Faces Vote Of Whole House In Coming Week; Historic Repudiation Is Fourth In American History; GOP Relies On Gaslighting; Moscow Mitch Admits He Is Lackey Of White House In Senate Trial, Turning Fairness Argument On Its Head; Prof. Eddie Glaude Of Princeton Calls It “Death Rattle Of Republican Party”;

A Mirror For GOP: Once-Great Federalist Party Became Extinct After Flirting With Secessionism And Wartime Treason At Hartford Convention Of 1814-1815; Monroe Presidency Then Returned To American System With Second Bank Of U.S., Protective Tariff, And National Road/Erie Canal Infrastructure;

After Shameful Labour Defeat In UK Vote, Corbyn To Step Down; His Fate A Grim Warning To Bernie Sanders And His Faction;

Breaking: Repocalypse Now -- Federal Reserve Reported Ready To Inject Up To $500 Billion Of Year-End Liquidity Into Repo Market In Desperate Bid To Save Trump Bubble In Face Of Cash Crunch Induced By Monster Deficits; Is Big Bank Or Hedge Fund In Trouble?; Infusion Could Be One Of Biggest Ever; More Signs Of Contraction In Real Economy, With Holiday Retail Sales Weak!