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Dec 2019

December 12, 2019

December 13, 2019

House Judiciary Committee Moves Towards Approval Of Two Impeachment Articles, Rejects GOP’s Killer Amendments; Eloquent Statements From Democratic Members; Jayapal: Trump Is The Smoking Gun, And It’s Being Reloaded – (And Pointed At You!); Nadler: “Do You Want A Dictator?”

British Tragedy: Exit Polls Show Big Gains For Pro-Brexit Tories At Expense Of Labour And Liberal Democrats; Blonde Beast BoJo Will Stay Prime Minister; Catastrophic Brexit Looms; Feckless Corbyn Must Go As Labour Party Leader; 

Ouster Of Trump Can Be Prelude To Extinction Of Republicans As National Political Force, Opening New Era Of Progress; A Distant Mirror: Collapse Of Degenerate Federalist Party Around 1815 Opened Era Of National Pride, Optimism, And Good Feelings Under Monroe With Development Program Of Second Bank of U.S., First Protective Tariff, Erie Canal, And Cumberland Road; Golden Age Of Supreme Court Under John Marshall;

Federalists Had Become Party Of Treason With Pro-British Hartford Convention Threatening New England Secession; They Negated National Interest In Favor Of Narrow Sectionalism And Plutocracy, And Quickly Disappeared