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Dec 2019

December 11, 2019

December 12, 2019

Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee Holding Prime-Time Markup On Impeachment Articles, Followed By Vote As Early As Thursday; Final Vote Of Whole House Next Week; GOP Hooligans Bereft Of Arguments, Reported Massing To Disrupt Proceedings; 

At Horowitz Hearings In Senate, Lindsey Graham’s Gaslighting Routine Portrays Trump As Innocent Victim Of Sinister FBI Cabal; Horowitz Maintains Inception Of Probe Was Valid; He Found Infractions, But No Spying On Trump; Durbin And Leahy Demand Answers About Renegade Pro-Giuliani Elements In New York FBI Field Office Leaking To Fox News On Eve Of Vote; Giuliani’s Last-Minute TV Prophecies Also Cited; British Press Saw Pro-Trump “Mutiny” By Rogue Agents In FBI “Trumpland;” Horowitz Says Pro-Trump Agitation Is Still Being Investigated;

Barr Refused To Submit Reasoned Objections To Horowitz, But Ran To TV Cameras With Wild Accusations; He Now Merits Impeachment In His Own Right, Before He Can Hand November 2020 Victory To Trump; Durham’s Public Critique Also Highly Irregular;

Last-Minute UK Election Polls Show Labour Party Closing Fast On Reactionary Pro-Brexit Tories As BoJo’s Antics Disgust Britishers; Tactical Voting Is Imperative; Labour Still Best Bet To Stave Off Catastrophic January Brexit!