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Dec 2019

December 10, 2019

December 11, 2019

Light At The End Of The Tunnel: House Democrats Ready To Impeach Trump On Abuse Of Power And Obstruction Of Congress; An Oblique Reference To Mueller Material On Obstruction Of Justice; Charges Wisely Broadened To Include Future High Crimes Like Securing Foreign Help For 2020 Election; Articles To Be Voted Out Of Committee This Week, And Sent To Senate Before Christmas; GOP Response Beneath Contempt!

Trump Attacks FBI Director Wray For Supporting Horowitz Report, Raising Specter Of Another Catastrophic Firing; Barr And Durham In Media Offensive To Defend Trump’s Lies; Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Feted At State Department And White House; Trump Claims He Warned About 2020 Election Meddling But Russians Deny It; American People Don’t Trust Trump And Want Full Readout!

Pelosi Announces Deal With Lighthizer On USMCA Trade Bill With Improvements For Labor, Pollution, And Enforcement Recommended By AFL-CIO Leader Trumka; But How Will This Measure Fare In Senate?; U.S. M3 Money Supply Up By 8.5% In November, Biggest Increase Since Post-Panic Liquidity Heyday Of February 2009; 

In UK, TWSP Urges Voters To Prevent Brexit And Reject Austerity By Voting Labour!