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Dec 2019

December 9, 2019

December 10, 2019

Closing Statements In House Judiciary Committee: Democrats Awake To “Clear And Present Danger” Posed To Nation By Trump; Articles Of Impeachment Imminent;

In Phony “Boom” Interview To Breitbart, Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury Monica Crowley (Sic!) Peddles Lies About Trump Economy; In Real World, Liquidity Crisis Stalks Financial Markets: Since Sept. 17, New York Fed Has Injected $320 Billion Into “Broken” Repo Market; Mnuchin In Frequent Meetings With Fed’s Powell To Head Off Cash Crunch; 

Third Quarter SEC Reports From Top 34 S&P 500 Firms Show 24% Decline In Operating Cash Flows; Trump-Era Gains In Real Wages Microscopic If Adjusted For Official Inflation, Negative If Compared To Real Cost Of Living; Job Gains Under Trump Smaller Than With Obama; November Job Number Of 266,000 Inflated By Counting Returning GM Strikers!

Breaking: After Two-Year Probe, Justice Department’s IG Horowitz Reports That 2016 FBI Launch Of Trump Investigation Met Standard Criteria; Consternation Among Pro-Trump Fanatics; Toadies Barr And Durham Attack Findings; Russia’s Lavrov Gets Meeting At White House, But Ukraine’s Zelensky Does Not!