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Dec 2019

December 7, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

December 7, 2019

Sen. Murphy (D-CT) Reveals As Many As Five Senate Republicans Are Already Considering Voting To Convict And Remove; Judiciary Committee Writing Articles, Will Review Evidence Monday;

Trump Hypes Alleged Creation Of 266,000 Jobs In November, But Spurious Report Includes Over 40,000 General Motors Strikers Returning To Work At Old Jobs, Plus Thousands Of GM Sub-Contractors Laid Off During Walkout; Add In Some Holiday Retail Hiring And We Have A “Heavily Gimmicked” And Inflated Job Report Concocted To Mask Deepening Downturn Underneath Trump Stock Bubble; Fed’s QE And Repo Spree Continues;

European NATO Leaders Reportedly Feared Trump Would Try To Destroy Atlantic Alliance During Seventieth Anniversary Summit And Came Equipped With Contingency Plans For Self-Defense; 

Buttigieg Comments On Deficits And Debt Portray Him As Right-Wing Austerity Candidate Incapable Of Competing With Trump; Democratic Candidates Must Drop Present Detailed Plans To Avoid Benefit Cuts In Medicare Starting 2026 And Social Security Starting 2035; In UK Election, TWSP Suggests Labour Party As Lesser Evil Compared To BoJo’s Descent Into Rogue State Chaos And Austerity Of Lib Dems