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Dec 2019

December 5, 2019

December 6, 2019

Pelosi Orders Her Committee Chairs To Draft Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump; U.S. Finally Showing World How To Handle Lawless Authoritarian Oppressors; Judiciary Committee To Hear Evidence Starting Monday;

Mnuchin Can’t Explain Sharp Fall In Business Investment After Magical GOP Tax Scam Of Two Years Ago; Real Wages Flat Or Down; GDP Growth And Job Creation Anemic; Trump Food Stamp Cuts Will End Free School Lunches For Millions Of Needy Kids; 

North Korea Threatens U.S. For Christmas Season, Showing Grotesque Failure Of Trump’s Appeasement; Barr-Durham Bid To Portray Mifsud As CIA Subverter Of Trump Campaign So Far A Failure; Durham Can’t Help AG To Prevent FISA Report From Falling Flat; Trump Bloc Splintering As Georgia Governor’s Senate Pick Defies Don; Drudge Report Faces Challenge From The Right; Demise Of GOP Recalls Extinction Of Federalists As Party Of Treason After 1815, Followed By Progress Under Monroe; But End Of Whigs In 1850s Was Prelude To Civil War!

Breaking: Mass Strike Shuts Down French Economy In Protest Against Macron’s Savage Pension Cut Austerity!