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Dec 2019

December 4, 2019

December 5, 2019

After Day Of Hearings On Constitutional Need For Impeachment, Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee Moves Towards Drafting Three To Four Articles Of Impeachment With Vote Next Week And Final Decision Of Whole House December 16-20; Republican Ideological Weakness And Lack Of Defense Again Revealed;

Three Leading Law Professors Declare Trump Has Clearly Committed Impeachable Offenses: Obstruction Of Justice, Contempt Of Congress, Abuse Of Power In Ukraine Extortion Are Likely Charges; GOP Sabotage Tactics Familiar And Ineffective: Trump Refused To Send Lawyer, But His Backers Kept Complaining Anyway; Republicans Forced To Rely On Stalling And Deliberate Confusion Between Mere Statutory Crimes And Constitutional Imperatives; GOP Expert Witness Was Jonathan Turley, Self-Confessed Friend Of AG William Barr: From Clinton To Trump, Turley Always On The Wrong Side Of History;

Trump As The Laughingstock Of The London NATO Summit: Macron Of France, BoJo of UK, Trudeau Of Canada, Rutte Of Netherlands, And UK Princess Anne Ridicule Don; He Insults “Two-Faced” Trudeau, Cancels Press Conference, And Leaves Britain In A Huff: Beware Complications!