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Dec 2019

December 3, 2019

December 4, 2019

Trump’s Boycott Of House Hearings Means He Has No Defense Against Looming Charges; Judge Napolitano Condemns White House Failure Of Strategy; Schiff’s House Intel Committee Votes To Send Ukrainegate Report To Nadler At House Judiciary, Where Proceedings And Drafting Of Articles Start Wednesday At 10am;

In Schiff Report, Rudy Giuliani Garners 500 Mentions, While GOP Rep. Nunes Trails With 50; White House Call Logs Speak Volumes, Posing Issue Of Why OMB Called Rudy Giuliani On August 8, 2019; Nunes, Parnas, Toensing, Sekulow Part Of Phone Tree; Draft Statement For President Zelensky Edited To Include 2016 Theory And Hunter Biden’s Company; Did Scheme Begin Under Poroshenko?

Feuds Break Out In Trump Camp: AG Barr Opens Attack On Report By Justice Department Watchdog Horowitz As On-Air Demagogues Fall Back On Promises About Durham Investigation; Trump Acolytes Want Fanatic Collins To Get Georgia Senate Seat, But Governor Disagrees; Fox Host Wants Don To “Dump Toxic Chumps” Like Rudy And His Coterie; 

Can NATO Alliance Survive The Twilight Of Trump? – At London Seventieth Anniversary, The Imposter Quarrels With Trudeau of Canada And Macron Of France, Claims To Back Alliance But Won’t Commit To Article Five Mutual Defense!