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Dec 2019

December 2, 2019

December 3, 2019

Trump Refuses To Take Part In Nadler Committee’s Hearings; GOP’s Collins Wants To Call Schiff To Testify, But Will He Vote To Grill Nunes And Staff?; When Will GOP Zombie Legion Scatter? 

Trump Flies To London For Seventieth Anniversary NATO Summit, Already Whining He Is Being Rooked; Impeachment Is Urgent To Stop Him From Wrecking Vital Alliances; 

Tory Demagogue BoJo, Facing Dec. 12 General Election, Flees Don’s Lethal Embrace: British Voters See Their Precious NHS Health Care System Under Attack By Most Hated Figure In Current Politics;

After NBC, ABC And CNN Take Lead In Spouting Imbecilic Pro-Trump Talking Points; Many Reporters Are Evidently Cynical Nihilists; Many Accept Trump’s Monstrous Lie About Greatest Economy Ever, Despite News That Life Span Is Falling, While CDC Reports U.S. Birth Rate Continues To Decline; 

Lech Walesa, Who Set Up Trade Unions To Liberate Poland And Trigger Collapse Of Warsaw Pact, Offers To Help Hong Kong Democracy Protesters; First Imperative Is To Build An Organization Like Solidarnosc!; The New Plutarch: Parallel Lives Of Al Capone And The Current Imposter