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Dec 2019

November 30, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

December 1, 2019

Trump Wages War Against Thanksgiving With Killer Austerity Policies He Pledged To Prevent: Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue Wants To Slice Almost $1 Billion Per Year Out Of Food Stamps (SNAP) For Five Years, With Cuts Hitting 8 Million Undernourished;

Life Expectancy In U.S. Falls For Third Straight Year; Alarming New Trend Toward Higher Death Rate Between 25 And 64 Years Of Age; Causes Include Economic Hardship And Despair; Opioids, Heroin, Alcoholism, Are Key Factors; Trump’s Scourge Of Deregulation: Boeing 737 Still Not Flying; Crisis Caused By Failure Of FAA Oversight; Contaminated Romaine Lettuce Sickens Hundreds; Adulterated Chinese Pharmaceuticals Threaten Public Health; Labor Department Must Stop Amazon’s Orgy Of Speedup And Taylorism; 

Trump Propaganda Hypes Stock Market Bubble Based On GOP Tax Scam Of December 2017; Corporate Tax Bonanza Ploughed Into Stock Buybacks, Not New Plant, Equipment, And Jobs; New York Fed (Alias PPT) Pumps Up Markets With $120 Billion Per Day In Hot Money; FOMC’s Falling Interest Rates Designed To Stoke Speculation, Not Capital Investment And Hiring; “Earnings Recession” Looms; Indicators For Physical Economy Mostly Negative: Industrial Production, Durable Goods Orders, Home Building, Freight Loadings Down!