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Nov 2019

November 27, 2019

November 28, 2019

Running Scared Before Near-Unanimous Will Of Congress, Weakened Trump Forced To Sign Two Key Bills Needed To Fight Xi’s Brutal Chinese Communist Dictatorship; Alternative Was Humiliating Veto Override;

As Trump Scrambles To Distance Himself From Giuliani, Washington Awaits The Mayor’s Retaliatory Strike, Thought Capable Of Bringing Down The Imposter;

Origins Of Modern Thanksgiving: After Gettysburg And Vicksburg, Lincoln’s Proclamation Of October 3, 1863 Calling For Late November Expressions Of Gratitude For The Survival Of The Federal Union Into Third Year Of Epic Struggle Against Treason And Slavery; Current Schedule The Work Of Franklin D. Roosevelt; The Folly Of Political Correctness And The Wisdom Of The Oneidas; 

Behind The Frothy Bubble Of The Trump Stock Market: $110 Billion Per Day Of Speculative Liquidity Injected By The New Plunge Protection Team (PPT) At The New York Federal Reserve Bank; Question Is, For How Long?

Breaking: Justice Department IG Report Said To Demolish Trump’s Claim He Was Illegally Spied On By FBI; Happy Thanksgiving To All Friends And Supporters Of The American System!