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Nov 2019

November 23, 2019 WCR

November 24, 2019

As Beijing Communist Regime Escalates Violence Against Democracy Protesters, Appeaser Trump Must Sign Bills Extending U.S. Protection Over Human Rights In Hong Kong; Reject Xi’s Insolent Attempt To Dictate U.S. Policy!

House Democrats Begin Drafting Articles Of Impeachment; But Schiff Does Not Rule Out Additional Witnesses; Public Demands To Hear From Mulvaney, Giuliani, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence And Nunes To Take Down Conspiracy; Trump Trying To Curry Favor With Senators Who Will Soon Control His Fate; 

In Deranged 53-Minutes Of Whining, Imposter Claims He Wants Trial, But Asserts Impeachment Is Unthinkable; Goal Must Be To Remove Trump And Also Dismantle Republican Party Of Treason And Gaslighting As National Political Force!

Indictment Of Netanyahu Kicks Off Rollback Of Dictators Across The World; Haaretz Calls On Premier To Resign If He Wants To Be A Patriot; Bibi’s Erstwhile Buddy Don Must Be Ousted Next;

Beleaguered Ukrainian President Held Firm Against Investigating Bidens, But Don’s Toady Lindsay Graham Will Do Anything!

Breaking: Justice Department Inspector General’s Report Set To Disappoint Pro-Trump Fanatics And Simpletons!