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Nov 2019

November 21, 2019

November 22, 2019

Five Days Of Televised Impeachment Hearings Leave Trump’s Strongman Myth Shattered And GOP Defenses In Shambles; Sondland Testimony Is Watershed Event In Current History; Clintongate Prosecutor Ken Starr Wonders When GOP Senators Will Urge Imposter To Resign; 

Fiona Hill Of NSC Confirms Bolton Sought To Distance Himself From Giuliani As “Hand Grenade” Destined To “Blow Us All Up,” Warns GOP That Their Russia Hoax Mantra Is “Harmful Fiction” Spread By Kremlin; Holmes Of Kiev Embassy Gives First Person Account Of Trump-Sondland Call About Illegal Probes; Swalwell Exposes Nunes’ Ties To Lev Parnas, Giuliani’s Indicted Crony; 

Democratic Debate Repeats Familiar Patterns; Time To Hear From The Voters In Early Primaries; To Wrap Up Impeachment, Schiff Must Subpoena Mulvaney, Giuliani, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, And Nunes Staffers; Trump Claims To Open Potemkin Computer Factory: Wednesday May Qualify As Punctum Saliens In Schiller’s Sense; 

Breaking: Bowing To Trump’s Demand, Lindsay Graham Starts Senate Investigation Of Bidens And Burisma; Trump Fan Netanyahu Indicted For Corruption!