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Nov 2019

November 19, 2019

November 20, 2019

In Impeachment Hearings, Vindman And Williams Give First-Person Reports On Infamous July 25 Trump-Zelensky Extortion Call; Vindman: Trump Improperly Demanded Probe Of Crowdstrike And Bidens; Adds That GOP’s Ukraine 2016 Meddling Theory Is Russian Narrative; “Here Right Matters”; Character Assassination By GOP Boomerangs; Pence Aide Williams Calls Trump’s Approach Unusual And Inappropriate; 

In Afternoon, Time Of The Trimmers As Officials From Grey Zone Seek To Save Themselves From Shipwreck Of Trump Regime; Volker Claims He Only Gradually Learned That Investigate Burisma Meant Get Biden; Morrison Says He Found Nothing Wrong With Call -- But Quickly Sought NSC Legal Advice; More Hooliganism From Nunes And Jordan; GOP Are Abject Nominalists;

Fox News Tries To Rally Demoralized Trumpers With Promise Of Dec. 11 Release Of IG Report On FISA Abuse, Complete With Criminal Referrals; Pelosi Right That Delaying Impeachment Vote Would Be “Weak” And “Dangerous” – Especially In Light Of Trump’s Control Of Nuclear Launch Codes; 

Breaking: Pompeo Reported Preparing To Resign To Seek Senate Seat In Kansas; Move Comes Too Late, Since He Is Already Discredited!; How Sick Is Trump?