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Nov 2019

November 18, 2019

November 19, 2019

Pompeo Rips Up United Nations Charter And Shreds International Law To Declare That Israeli Settlements In Occupied Territories Are Legal; Five Decades Of U.S. Policy Negated To Boost Trump Base For 2020; Move Also Legitimizes Putin, Xi, Erdogan And Others Seeking Territorial Expansion;

Trump’s Puppet Justices On Supreme Court Stalling On Whether New York DA Can Get His Tax Returns; House Is Probing Whether Trump’s Written Answers To Mueller’s Wikileaks Questions Contain Perjury; Big Week Of Testimony Starts Tuesday;

Trump Dealt Personal Defeat In Louisiana Governor’s Race; White House Pardons Soldiers Implicated In Atrocities: A Bid For Support Among Disgruntled Military?

Beijing Communists Escalate Violence In Hong Kong; After France, Chile, Iraq, Lebanon, And Ecuador, Iranian Politicians Attempt Austerity Measures And Unleash Mass Protests: Another Harbinger of World Economic Contraction That Is About To Sink Financial Markets;

Warren Backs Off On Outlawing Private Insurance – Or Does She?