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Nov 2019

November 14, 2019

November 15, 2019

One Impeachment Article Will Focus On Bribery, Pelosi Reveals; Friday Testimony By Amb Yovanovich And State Dept. Officer Holmes; Many Ways To Fight GOP Gaslighting; Looking Ahead To Thanksgiving, Tax Wall Street Party Presents Draft Holiday Talking Points On Current Fascistization And Twelve Reasons Why Impeachment Is Urgent And Must Be Accelerated: U.S. Can Give Hope To The World By Ousting A Despot!

Trump Brings Treacherous Erdogan To White House, But Not Zelensky of Ukraine; UK Labour Party Hobbled By Toxic Ultra-Left Bungler Corbyn, Who Still Won’t Fight Brexit; BoJo Can’t Agree With Farage On Dec. 12 Election Mechanics; EU’s Tusk Is Much Clearer Than Corbyn, Urges British Voters To Keep Fighting Brexit!

Venice Hit By Worst Floods Since 1966; Flood Gates Started In 2003 Must Be Completed!

Breaking: Second State Department Official Overheard Sondland-Trump Phone Call; Mulvaney Trembles As White House Budget Official Mark Sandy Will Testify Saturday On How $400 Million For Ukraine Was Illegally Blocked In OMB!