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Nov 2019

November 13, 2019

November 14, 2019

Pro-Trump Forces Routed On First Day Of Formal Impeachment Hearings In House; Witnesses Kent And Taylor Of State Department Confirm Hegemonic Narrative Of Trump’s Illegal Bid To Extort Campaign Aid Against Bidens From Ukraine; Feckless GOP’s Petty Sniping Fails To Disprove Any Key Points; July 26 Call By Sondland Shows Don’s Micromanagement Of Three Amigos; Viewers Swoon For New Walter Cronkite; Giuliani Frequently Mentioned As Boss Of Privatized “Irregular Channel,” Faces Calls To Testify; Rumors Swirl Of Trump Plan To Fire Mulvaney, IC-IG Atkinson, And Rudy!

Hold On Ukraine Aid Was Lifted September 11, Two Days After White House Got Word Of Charges By Whistleblower; Ukraine Preferred Hillary In 2016 Because Of Trump’s “Very Inflammatory” Plan To Appease Russia At Kiev’s Expense; 

Nunes, Jordan, Ratcliffe, And Their Lawyer Castor All Strike Out; GOP Bid To Blow Whistleblower’s Cover Voted Down; Erdogan Basks In Visit, Throws Don’s Letter In His Face; Impeachment Question For The Undecided: Want To Spend The Next Fifteen Months With Nuclear Launch Codes In The Hands Of Deranged Person?; 

Breaking: DC Federal Appeals Court Agrees That Trump Must Deliver Eight Years Of Tax Returns To Congress!