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Nov 2019

November 12, 2019

November 13, 2019

On Eve Of First Televised Impeachment Hearings, Faction Fights Rage In Trump Camp As Fear Of Jail Time Runs Riot: Mulvaney Scapegoats Cipollone And Vice Versa, While Bolton And Kupperman Won’t Let Staff Chief Join Their Lawsuit; House Republicans Leak Four Primitive Gaslighting Points As Basis For Desperate Defense Of Don; Only Morons Will Be Fooled; 

Turkey’s Pro-Russian Dictator Erdogan Visits Washington; In Sardonic Talk To Morgan Stanley, Bolton Sees Business Or Personal Reasons Behind Trump’s Sell-Out Of Kurds, Predicts U.S. Exit From NATO In Second Term;

Roger Stone Trial Goes To Jury: Gates Overheard Trump Talking With Stone On July 30 2016 About Imminent Wikileaks Dumps, Undercutting Trump’s Assertion That He Never Discussed Hacked Emails With His Campaign Officials;

Interagency Lawyers Saw Freezing Aid To Ukraine As Illegal: Similar Issue Was Considered For Impeaching Nixon During Watergate; Impoundment Control Act Of 1974 Lets White House Legally Refuse Spending Only With Consent Of Both Houses Of Congress, Which Trump Never Sought;

All Roads Lead To Putin: Mulvaney Feared Moscow’s Anger Over Javelins; Trump Reportedly Ordered Bolton To Stop U.S. Navy Freedom Of Navigation Cruise In Black Sea!