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Nov 2019

November 9, 2019 WCR

November 11, 2019

Six Weeks To Impeachment As Televised Hearings Begin 10am Wednesday With Taylor And Kent, Followed By Ambassador Yovanovich On Friday; Articles Likely To Be Voted By Whole House Before Christmas!

French President Macron Sees “Brain Death” Of 29-Member Atlantic Alliance; Brexit Crisis Is Wasting Vast Energies; Not Clear If NATO’s Article 5 Basis Of Collective Self Defense Is Still In Force; Given Trump’s Attitude, Will Article 5 Hold Up If Syria Retaliates Against Aggression By Alliance Member Turkey?; No Strategic Coordination Between U.S. And European NATO States, With Trump Turning His Back On Allies; “Guarantor Of Last Resort” Is No Longer Reliable Against Authoritarian Russia And China; Chilling Diagnosis Shows Urgency Of Ousting Trump Regime Before Putin’s Triumph Is Complete; Dem Isolationists Also A Disaster; Alarms Of Middle East War;

GOP Leadership Transfers Attack Dog Jim Jordan Into House Intelligence Committee Just As More Court Papers Are Filed Against Him For Failing To Denounce Pedophiles At Ohio State; Hooligan Stunt On Hill May Be Imminent;

Breaking: Bolton’s Lawyer Claims He Has Details Of Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Which House Impeachment Probers Do Not Know