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Nov 2019

November 7, 2019

November 8, 2019

Trump Toadies Striving To Expose Ukraine Whistleblower To The Fury Of The Many Deranged Sayocs In Their Base; Don’s “Kayfabe” Strategy From Wrestling World Requires A Person As Opponent To Gull The Dupes; Report Says Whistleblowers Now Number Seven: One Allegedly Says Erdogan Knew Kushner Had Okayed Khashoggi “Arrest” By Saudis And That Turkey’s Erdogan Used This Secret To Blackmail Trump Out Of Syria!

Did Barr Refuse To Officiate At Public Ceremony Giving Trump Clean Bill Of Health Against All Accusations?; At Stone Trial, Prosecutors Suggest Trump Lied To Mueller; Bolton Is No-Show At Impeachment Hearings; George Kent Of State Told Schiff Committee That Giuliani Waged Months-Long Campaign Of Lies And Distortions As Part Of Trump Ukraine Caper; America’s Mayor Is Busy Hiring Defense Lawyers; House GOP Utterly Bereft Of Arguments, May Resort To Dramatic Hooligan Stunt To Disrupt Public Impeachment Hearings!

Breaking: Plutocrat Bloomberg To Enter Democratic Primary In Alabama