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Nov 2019

November 5 2019

November 6, 2019

New York Times Shock Poll Shows Trump May Be Competitive In Battleground States And Could Win Electoral College Despite Dem Lead In Popular Vote; Biden Leads Trump By Small 1% To 2% Margins In Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona; Sanders Strongest In Michigan; Warren Ties Trump In Arizona, But Trails In Other States; Many Who Voted For Democrats In 2018 Now In Danger Of Drifting Back To Trump Owing To Ultra-Left Excesses In Congress;

Democrats’ Debates Have Been Conducted In An Atmosphere Of Utopian Fantasy And Have Done Permanent Damage To Several Candidates; Beating Trump Is Main Issue For Dems, But Debates Have Been Conducted Without Reference To Impact Of Policies On Battleground States Or Electoral College;

Fascistization: Barr’s DoJ Violates First Amendment, Imposing De Facto Prior Restraint By Intimidating Author And Publisher Of The Anonymous Anti-Trump Book Warning; Trump Toady Rand Paul On Brink Of Violating Federal Statute By Revealing Name Of Whistleblower; Jury Selection Begins In DC Trial Of Trump Dirty Tricks Operative Roger Stone, Putting Russiagate And Mueller Report Back In Center Of Public Attention!