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Nov 2019

November 2, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

November 3, 2019

With Impeachment Imminent And Mass Hostility Growing, Trump And GOP Fall Back On Gaslighting And Mass Brainwashing To Disorient Voters; 18% Of Republicans Want Don Removed; His Popularity In GOP Down To 74%, Not Enough For Base Turnout Strategy; Dems Must Deliver At Least One Day Per Week Of Public Hearings On The Sam Ervin 1973 Model!

Join The Tax Wall Street Party’s Campaign To Prod Democratic Candidates Towards Program Of Fed Lending For Infrastructure & Education As Centerpiece Of FDR-Style Economic Recovery; 

Warren’s Medicare Plan Correctly Increases Top Rate Of Wealth Tax To 6% And Rules Out Middle Class Tax Increase, But Her Posting On Medium Makes No Mention Of Federal Reserve And Demands Deep Cuts To Defense In Face Of Aggressive Militaristic Totalitarians In Moscow And Beijing; Her Plan To Confiscate 150 Million Private Insurance Policies Is Toxic In General Election And Must Be Removed; Rejection Of Nuclear Energy Cannot Be Grounded In The Carbon-Based Theory Of Global Warming; Only Advanced Industrial Societies Can Provide Universal Health Care, And This Requires The Most Modern Energy Production; 

BoJo Discredited After He Fails To Keep His Signature Promise Of Brexit By Oct. 31!