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Nov 2019

October 31, 2019

November 1, 2019

House Votes 232-196 To Formalize And Continue Impeachment Investigation; Public Hearings To Start Soon, Possibly Starring Bolton; Democratic Renegades Kept Down To 2; Amash Votes With Dems; GOP’s Efforts At Gaslighting American Public Are Failing; Republican Lockstep Shows That Party Is Now A Sinister Cult That Can Have No Part In America’s Future!

Schumer Warns That Trump Is Likely To Abuse Next Federal Funding Deadline On November 21 To Deflect Attention Away From His Own High Crimes With A Total Government Shutdown; Beware Bid To Punish American People For Being Unworthy Of His Stable Genius!

U.S. GDP Growth Is Now At 1.9%, Showing Once Again That Trump Does Not Deliver On His Promises, Especially In Economics; Serious Domestic Liquidity Issues Include Repo Cash Crunch; Durable Goods Orders Down Year Over Year; Mining And Manufacturing Continue To Shrink, With Manufacturing Still 4.8% Below Pre-2008 Levels; Industrial Production Has Not Expanded In 142 Months; CASS Freight Index Marks Tenth Month Of Decline, “Signaling an economic contraction.”