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Oct 2019

October 30, 2019

October 31, 2019

Tax Wall Street Party Redoubles Effort To Start Discussion Among Democratic Primary Candidates Of 0% Interest, Long-Term Federal Reserve Lending For Infrastructure, Science, And Student Loans; For Starters, TWSP Backs $2 Trillion To Freeze All Student Debt, Plus Several Trillion More For FDR-Style Infrastructure And Job Creation Program; This Is Fed Lending, Not Federal Spending Paid For By Taxation Or Borrowing; Warren Dodges Question, While Bernie Gives Muted Assent, Abandoning The Crucial Field To Loudmouth Trump!

House Rules Committee Votes To Schedule Impeachment Inquiry Vote By Whole House On Halloween; Every Democratic Vote Now Needed; No More Resignations Can Be Tolerated; 

Bolton Wants Subpoena Before Testifying; Col. Vindman Testifies That Don’s Much-Touted “Verbatim Transcript” Of Trump-Zelensky Phone Call Had Key Passages Expurgated, Pointing To Coverup; Pompeo’s Deputy Sullivan Says Asking Foreign Nations For Election Help Violates American Values; NSC Official Croft Says GOP Lobbyist And 1998 Clintongate Hypocrite Robert Livingston Kept Demanding Firing Of Ambassador Yovanovich, Who Was Check On Giuliani