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Oct 2019

October 28, 2019

October 29, 2019

Trump Shocked By Hostile Reception At World Series; Angry Chants Of “Lock Him Up” Cast Dark Shadow Over His Entire 2020 Campaign; His Incompetent Handlers And Yes-Men Thought He Would Be Applauded For Vanquishing Baghdadi; He Thanks Moscow, But Kremlin Says They Played No Role And Don’t Believe Trump’s Story; Raid By U.S. Seen As Risky Parting Shot By Retreating Forces; Sources Say Slaying Of ISIS Caliph “Happened Largely In Spite Of Trump’s Actions;”

UK’s BoJo Breaks His Signature Promise Of Delivering Brexit By Oct. 31, Then Accepts EU’s Offer Of 3-Month Delay, Reneging On All Commitments; Brexit Party’s Farage May Eclipse BoJo In Next Election, Splitting Ultra-Brexit Fanatic Vote;

Breaking: Pelosi Announces Formal House Vote On Starting Impeachment Process; BoJo’s Bid To Schedule Dec. 12 General Elections Rejected By Commons