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Oct 2019

October 24, 2019

October 25, 2019

Fascism In America: House GOP Tries Gestapo Tactics To Intimidate Key Pentagon Witness Laura Cooper And Disrupt Schiff Investigation About To Impeach Trump; In New York Appeals Court, Trump Team Argues That Individual-1 Has Immunity To Investigation, Prosecution, Conviction, And Punishment Even After Committing Murder; This Doctrine Would Allow Don To Liquidate Political Opposition And Impose Fascist Dictatorship; Judge Marrero Has Already Demolished Absurd OLC Immunity Theory; 

47 Republicans Have Clearances For Impeachment Hearings; GOP Cell Phones Loaded With Malware Would Have Picked Up Electronic Emanations Inside Secure Hearing Room (SCIF); Malware Could Also Have Entered Secure Computers Inside SCIF And Gone On To Infect Langley And Fort Meade, Reporting Back To Moscow And Beijing;

On Track To Break His Bombastic Promise Of Do Or Die Brexit By October 31, BoJo Demands Parliament Approve Timetable Of Another Brexit Vote Nov. 6, Followed By General Election On December 12; Dissolving Parliament Takes Two Thirds Vote, But All Parties Appear Opposed; EU Answer On Brexit Delay To January 31 Is Imminent;

Will Trump Attempt To Muddy The Waters On Impeachment By Provoking Another Government Budget Shutdown On November 21?

Breaking: Barr And Durham Launch Probe Designed To Whitewash Russian Attack On U.S. 2016 Election