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Oct 2019

October 23, 2019

October 24, 2019

House GOP Hooligans Stage Riot In Bid To Shut Down Feared Testimony Of Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Russia, Ukraine, And Eurasia Laura Cooper, The First Serving Pentagon Official To Testify In Ukrainegate Hearings; Storm Trooper Tactics Fail As Cooper Testifies Later In Afternoon; 

GOP Big Lie Propaganda Obscures Fact That All Republican Members Of Intelligence And Other Impeachment Committees Are Free To Participate In Hearings And Report Back To Trump; Unable To Refute Charges Against Don, Republicans Fall Back On Process Obstruction And Disruption; Incident Recalls Brooks Brothers Riot Of November 22, 2000 Which Halted Florida Vote Count, Giving White House To Bush 43;

As Liquidity Crisis/Cash Crunch In Repo Market Worsens, New York Fed Announces Daily Liquidity Injections Are Increased To $120 Billion From $75 Billion, With Term Repos Raised To $45 Billion And QE IV Set At $60 Billion Per Month; Moves Are Sure Harbinger Of Onrushing Systemic Crisis!