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Oct 2019

October 22, 2019

October 23, 2019

Ambassador Taylor Tells Gasping Congress How Trump Directed Illegal Foreign Policy Channel To Kiev With Goal Of Extorting Political Services To Be Used In His 2020 Campaign; Key Participants Acutely Aware Of Don’s Corrupt Quid Pro Quo; Ukraine’s Military Security Cynically Endangered By Delays Related To 2016 DNC Server And Scandal Material Against Bidens; Effort To Force Ukrainian President Into A “Public Box”; Trump’s Criminal Exposure For Abuse Of Power Aggravated; 

U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Prepare For Surprise Twitter Directive To Retreat; Fleeing From South Korea On Trump’s Whim Could Easily Start World War Three; To Avoid Short-Term Catastrophe, Pelosi Must Adopt Doctrine Of Emergency Impeachment, Possibly Sending Articles To Senate In Separate Installments; Trump Still Has Nuclear Launch Codes!

BoJo Wins Preliminary Brexit Vote, But Then Sees His Timetable For Railroading Deal Through Commons Defeated; BoJo’s Oct. 31 Deadline Widely Seen As Dead Letter; EU President Tusk Backs Brexit Delay, Already Approved By Merkel; Commons Must Attach Killer Amendments To BoJo’s Plan And Arrive At Second Referendum!