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Oct 2019

October 21, 2019

October 22, 2019

UK House Of Commons Blocks BoJo’s Brexit Plan By Requiring More Safeguards Against Catastrophic No Deal; BoJo’s Exit Formula Is More Savage In Deregulation Than Theresa May’s; House of Commons Speaker Bercow Blocks BoJo Again On Monday, Citing Ban On Forcing Repeat Votes On Same Bill; Labour’s Corbyn AWOL; BoJo-Cummings-Reese Mogg Gang Still Determined To Exit EU By Oct. 31;

Trump Forced To Back Down On Holding G-7 At Doral Backlash Among GOP; Don Is Running Scared, Already Mortgaging Pieces Of Himself To Procure Acquittal Votes In Senate;

At Gloomy IMF Annual Meeting, ex-Bank of England Chief Mervyn King Warns Markets Are Sleepwalking Towards Economic And Financial Crisis; Bigwigs Favor “Going Direct” With Bailouts Based On Blackrock Plan To Make Central Banks Provide Trillions In “Helicopter Money” To “Private Sector Spenders”; Climate Hysteria Seen As Key Tool To Extort Huge Sums For “Green Finance”;

Russia Determined To Back 2020 Leftist Third Party Using Known Politicians To Help Trump Gain Second Term Dictatorship Regime; 

Breaking: Facebook Reports Shutting Down Well Resourced Effort By Russia’s Internet Research Agency To Help Trump and Bernie, Harm Biden, Kamala, Warren