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Oct 2019

October 17, 2019

October 18, 2019

Trump And Pence Repeat Appeasement Folly Of Sir Neville Chamberlain At Munich In 1938: Don Sells Out Kurds, Allows Creation Of Erdogan’s #Safezonia, Destined To Become A New Incubator Of Terrorism; Kurds Ordered To Exit During 5 Days’ Cease Fire; Turks Will Occupy Band Of Territory Eerily Similar To Sudetenland, Given To Hitler In Rape Of Czechoslovakia; Trump Gloating Is Shameful Repeat Of “Peace In Our Time,” But Neo-Ottoman Erdogan Will Keep Going; With Trump, All Roads Lead To Putin; General War Now Closer!

BoJo Dumps All Redlines In New Brexit Plan Agreed To By EU Commission; Deal Includes Customs Separation Between Northern Ireland & England/Scotland, Previously Anathema To Tories; Deal Exists But Votes In Commons May Not: Ulster Unionists Reject Plan; Labour, Lib Dems, & Scots Nationalists Will Vote No; EU’s Tusk OKs Extension If BoJo Fails; MPs Must Nix This Monstrosity;

Moscow Mitch Tells Senate To Prepare For Impeachment Trial Before Thanksgiving; Mulvaney Confesses To Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine! 

Tax Wall Street Party Mourns Elijah Cummings