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Oct 2019

October 16, 2019

October 17, 2019

From Enraged Monologues And Affronts For Italian President Mattarella To A Crude Clash With Speaker Pelosi, A Day Of Deteriorating And Unstable Behavior By Trump; House Votes 354-60 Against His Syrian Chaos, With Most Republicans Turning Against Him; Don Is Author Of Unfolding Tragedy, With Putin And ISIS Terrorists As Beneficiaries;

Facing Deadline Of Brexit Deal Or Requesting Extension, BoJo Claims That Deal Is At Hand Based On Customs Border In Irish Sea; Decision Of EU Summit Awaited Thursday To Friday, With Vote In Parliament Scheduled For Saturday Morning; No Guarantee That BoJo Has The Votes; 

At Democratic Debate, Warren Evades Questions About Paying For Medicare, The Future Of 180 Million Privately Insured, Supreme Court Reform, And Ousting Trump From Twitter; But Readily Agrees With Trump And Putin That U.S. Should Get Out Of The Middle East!

Does Trump Qualify As Greatest Commander Of All Time?