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Oct 2019

October 15, 2019

October 16, 2019

Trump Leaves 50 U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons At Mercy Of Erdogan In Incirlik NATO Base In Turkey; Syrian Army Invited In By Kurds, Nears Raqqa And Other Cities; Leading Edge Of Turkish Advance Into Syria Made Up Of Jihadi War Criminals Of Free Syrian Army; Russian Forces Interposed Between Turks And Syrian Army; Trump’s Sanctions Are Camouflage For Failed Appeasement;

Will Military Backlash Against Trump’s Betrayal Of Kurds Undermine Don’s Formula For Keeping Power Based On Bikers, Police, And Troops?;

Bolton Reportedly Told NSC Russia Director Fiona Hill To Report Trump’s Illegal Ukraine Operation To White House Counsel, Calling It A “Drug Deal” Set Up By Giuliani And Sondland; Giuliani Seen As “Hand Grenade,” Now Under FBI Investigation;

Chinese Ideology Of Victimization And Resentment On Parade In Dispute Involving NBA; But Gravest Chinese Disasters Like Celestial Kingdom Of Taiping And Mao’s Slaughter Of 80 Million Were Self-Inflicted;

Grand Inquisitor Barr’s Notre Dame Speech Goes Beyond Theocracy To Caesaropapism On The Imperial Russia Model!