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Oct 2019

October 10, 2019

October 11, 2019

Erdogan Pushes Deeper Into Syria In Genocidal Campaign Against Kurds; Trump’s Appeasement Triggers Gloating By ISIS & Kremlin; Neo-Ottoman Dictator’s Ultimatum To Europe: Stop Criticizing Invasion Or Face Tidal Wave of 3.5 Million Syrian Arab Refugees!

Duo Of Trump-Giuliani Fixers Nabbed By FBI As They Sought To Flee U.S. Via Dulles Airport: Russian-Born Lev Parnas And Igor Fruman Are Accused By Feds Of Campaign Finance Violations Involving Foreign Donors, With Pro-Trump PAC A Beneficiary; With Help Of Campaign Money, They Persuaded Ex-Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) To Call For Removal Of U.S. Ambassador To Kiev Marie Yovanovich; 

Trump Calls Moscow Mitch Every Day For Re-Assurance Against Foes; Senate Republicans Concerned About Kurds Should Use This Channel To Warn White House That Don Will Face Conviction And Removal If Massacre Goes Ahead!

Trump Turns To Nontelegenic Trey “Slickum” Gowdy For Strident Ideologue To Vilify His Critics On Television