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Oct 2019

October 8, 2019

October 9, 2019

Whom The Gods Would Destroy They First Drive Mad: Trump Declares Total Stonewall Against Impeachment Investigation; Orders EU Ambassador Sondland Not To Testify On Zelensky Extortion; Ukraine Czar Giuliani Refuses To Testify Anywhere On Hill;

WaPo Poll Finds 58% For Impeachment Inquiry, 49% For Conviction And Removal; 18% Of Republicans Support Removal, A Fatal Blow To Base Turnout Strategy;

Opinion By New York Federal District Judge Victor Marrero Demolishes Absurd Justice Department-OLC Theory That President Is Always Immune To Indictment, Leaving Trump’s Legal Stonewall In Ruins;

The Hand That Held The Dagger: Trump Stabs Kurds In Back And Then Blithely Lies About It; Backlash Against His Betrayal Increases; Sen. Cassidy Claims Trump Is Reconsidering Sellout Of Kurds; Lindsay Promises “Sanctions From Hell” If Erdogan Carries Out Bloodbath;

Signs Of Systemic Financial Crisis: Due To Cash Crunch, New York Fed Will Keep Pumping Well Over $100 Billion Per Day Into Repo Market As Liquidity Injections; Powell Says Fed Will Start New Phase Of Quantitative Easing -- While Insisting It Should Not Be Called Quantitative Easing!