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Oct 2019

October 7, 2019

October 8, 2019

Trump’s Cowardly Betrayal Of Kurds In Syria Would Spell Revival Of ISIS Terrorists And Genocide Against Most Capable U.S. Ally In Area; This Must Be Stopped; Appeasement Of Duplicitous Erdogan Will Leave U.S. As Isolated Pariah In Middle East; Strategic Natural Gas Pipelines Across Anatolia At Issue; Turkish Invasion Likely To Free 10,000 ISIS Fighters For Worldwide Revenge Campaign; Russia Wants To Capitalize On Trump’s Lunacy!

A Dozen GOP Senators Including McConnell Criticize Impulsive Policy Change, Possibly Signaling That Trump’s Senate Firewall Against Conviction And Removal Is Crumbling; Pelosi Condemns Shift; U.K. And France Not Informed Or Consulted; Pentagon Deeply Opposed; Pat Robertson Warns Trump Can Lose “Mandate Of Heaven”!; Second Whistleblower In Trump-Giuliani Ukraine Caper Confirmed; 

Breaking: New York Federal Judge Victor Marrero Rules Trump Must Produce Tax Returns For Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance; Calls Claim That President Can’t Be Investigated “Repugnant,” Noting Nobody Is Above The Law