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Oct 2019

October 3, 2019

October 4, 2019

Tax Wall Street Party Demands Immediate Secret Service Protection For Elizabeth Warren In Climate Of Increasing Harassment By Pro-Trump Fanatics And Hostility Of Wall Street Legions Of Greed; Demand Action From Secret Service Director James M. Murray And DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan at (202)-282-8495; Ultimate Responsibility Rests With Trump!

Trump Demands 2020 Meddling From China And Ukraine; Prima Facie Case For His Guilt Is Now Incontrovertible; Demand Full Text Of Trump-Zelensky Phone Call; Volker Testifies All Day On Hill About Giuliani’s Ukraine Caper; Netherlands Farmers Protest Government’s Crackpot Plan To Slaughter Half Of Nation’s Livestock To Ward Off Eco-Apocalypse; Result: Traffic Jam 700 Miles Long That Paralyzed Nation; After Yellow Vest Protests, France’s Macron May Have Learned His Lesson, Wants Further €10 Billion Tax Cut; If Dems Persist With Green Extremism, Trump Could Return For Second Term!

BoJo’s Brexit Plan Roundly Rejected By All Key Stakeholders; Will He Prove Too Weak To Impose Illegal No-Deal Brexit For Halloween?