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Oct 2019

October 2, 2019

October 3, 2019

Stock Market Down 800 Points In Worst Fourth Quarter Opening Since World Derivatives Panic Of 2008; Manufacturing Slows, Confirming Economic Contraction; Market Downdrafted As U.S. Stock Buybacks Decline After Record $1 Trillion Pace In 2018; New York Fed’s Emergency Liquidity Injections To Prop Up Repo Money Market Already Approaching $1 Trillion; New York City Residential Real Estate Market In Free Fall;

UAW Strike Against General Motors In Seventeenth Day, Longest Walkout Since 1970; Why Did FBI Attack Union Leadership On Eve Of Strike?; Dem Candidates Join Picket Lines, But No Sign Of Blue Collar Populist Plutocrat Of Oval Office;

Trump’s Growing Derangement On Parade In Two Press Encounters; Convicted By Known Facts, He Retreats Into Gaslighting And Mind Tricks, Scurrilous Insults And Threats For Adversaries, And Threats To Sue Investigators