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Oct 2019

October 1, 2019

October 2, 2019

Pompeo Tries To Obstruct Impeachment Probe Of State Department In Trump’s Ukraine Op; Claims Testimony Scheduled This Week Is “Not Feasible”; Ambassador Volker Wants To Testify Anyway; House Chairmen Warn That This Stonewalling Will Constitute Article of Impeachment; State Department IG Will Brief Hill Wednesday With Documents On Ukraine; House Counsel Demands Unredacted Text Of Mueller Report; Suggests That Trump May Have Lied About Wikileaks; 

Brutal Police Riot By Butcher Xi’s Goons In Hong Kong: Provocateurs, Beatings, Tear Gas, Water Cannon, Rubber Bullets, And Live Fire Against Democracy Protesters; 18-Year Old Protester Shot And In Critical Condition; Joshua Wong Appeals To World For Support; At Beijing Ceremonies Marking 70 Years Of Genocidal Maoist Regime, Xi Talks Invincibility And Shows Off DF-41 ICBM, Said To Be Capable Of Hitting U.S. With 10 Nuclear Warheads; Beijing Foments Riots In Taiwan; North Korea Is Completing Its Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine; 

Today’s Trump Atrocity: He Wanted To Strengthen Border Wall With Moat Complete With Poisonous Snakes And Alligators!