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Sep 2019

September 30, 2019

September 30, 2019

Trump Joins Jefferson Davis In Infamy By Evoking Specter Of Civil War If He Is Legally Impeached And Removed From Office; Tenant Of Oval Tramples Constitution!

GOP Rep. Kinzinger Finds Civil War Tweet “Beyond Repugnant,” While Trump’s Ex-Homeland Security Czar Bossert Declares Trump-Giuliani Claim That Ukraine, Not Russia, Hacked The DNC In 2016 Has “No Validity”; WSJ Reports Pompeo Was Listening In On Trump-Zelensky Shakedown Call; Pompeo And Barr Get Subpoenas From Schiff; Whistleblower Set To Testify Before Schiff Committee; Bolton Rebukes Trump’s Failed Appeasement Of North Korea; Real Witch Hunt Is Trump’s Illegal Quest To Unmask Whistle Blower, Putting His Life In Danger!

The Zenith Of Wisdom In Civil War Studies Is NEVER AGAIN! Civil Wars Are Stock In Trade Of Traitors, And Only Beneficiary Is Putin’s Mafia State!

Breaking: WaPo Reports Trump And Mouthpiece Barr Sought Help From Italy, Australia, and Great Britain To Attack U.S. Investigation Of Trump By Mueller, CIA And FBI; Durham Also Implicated