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Sep 2019

September 26, 2019

September 26, 2019

Whistleblower Complaint Released, Shows Trump Abusing Power To Extort Illegal Help From Ukrainian President In 2020 Election; $400 Million For U.S. Antitank Missiles Denied, Leaving Outgunned Ukraine A Sitting Duck; Exposé Draws On Facts From More Than Half A Dozen White House Colleagues; Giuliani’s Key Role;

Under Trump’s Play Ball Or No Call Blackmail, Ukraine Government Had To Pledge Dirt On Bidens Just To Contact Individual-1; White House Officials Sought To Lock Down All Records Of Incriminating Call; Files Were Hidden In Special NSC Standalone Computer System Used For Codeword-Level Data; Whistleblower’s Notes On Trump-Zelensky Phone Call Match White House Transcript Released A Day Earlier; 

DNI Admiral Maguire Testifies But Fails To Justify Bankrupt Decision To Submit Complaint To Trump And Barr, Both Named In Document; Mystery Of Why White House Released Damning Documents; Pelosi Favors Rapid Impeachment For Narrow Range Of Articles, Centering On Ukraine Self-Dealing; Vote Before Thanksgiving Or Before Christmas?; 223 House Votes For Impeachment Action; Rep. Maxine Waters: “We’re There!”