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Sep 2019

September 25, 2019

September 26, 2019

Excerpts From Trump’s July 25, 2019 Phone Call With President Zelensky Of Ukraine Represent The Smoking Gun Tape Of Our Time; 216 House Democrats And One Independent Now Support Impeachment Action, Just One Short Of Majority; 

Trump-Zelensky Memo Clearly Evokes A Quid Pro Quo Of Trump’s Release Of U.S. Aid Money To Buy Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles In Exchange For Dirt On Biden And Son Hunter Biden; 

Trump Lawyer Giuliani, Secretary Of State Pompeo, White House Chief Of Staff Mulvaney, And Attorney General Barr All Deeply Implicated In Trump’s Haggling, With Pence Added To List Today; GOP Senators, Not Wanting To Vote In Trump Trial, See Divulging Phone Call As Blunder; GOP Bigwigs Exposed As Babbling Ventriloquist’s Dummies As Talking Points Are Sent To Dems; Original Complaint Finally Sent To Congress; Maguire Faces Schiff Committee At 9am Thursday;

Original Watergate Era Smoking Gun Tape Was Released By Nixon White House On August 5, 1974, Providing Evidence Of Obstruction Of Justice; Nixon Resigned And Left Office On August 9, 1974