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Sep 2019

September 24, 2019

September 25, 2019

202 House Democrats Support Impeachment Action Against Trump As Of Tuesday Evening; White House Defenses Crumble As Some Three Dozen Dems Declare Against Individual-1 In 48 Hours!

Pelosi Makes Official Statement That Formal Impeachment Inquiry For Violating Oath Of Office And “Betrayal Of National Security” Will Start With Six House Committees Forwarding Charges To Nadler; “No One Is Above The Law;

Whistleblower Demands Hearing Before Schiff Committee; Senate Unanimously Approves Demand For ICIG Complaint; Moscow Mitch Is Cool And Distant, But McCarthy And Scalise Show Dog-Like Fidelity; Don’s Bait And Switch: He Offers Dubious Transcript Of Single Call With Zelensky In Bid To Hide Actual Complaint Of Multiple Incidents In Violation Of Law; Politico Says Trump Will Complaint, But We’ll Believe It When We See It!

UK Supreme Court Votes Unanimously That BoJo’s Shutdown Of Parliament Is Unlawful, Null And Void; Speaker Bercow Orders Commons Back For Wednesday At 11:30am; Trump And BoJo As Modern Version Of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives